Welcome to Hertford Optometry

Established since 1981, Hertford Optometry has a proud and long standing reputation for providing the very best in eye health care to the people of Hertford and surrounding areas.


With Moorfield’s based optometrists and a wide variety of services available, we are proud to offer a bespoke, personalised, comprehensive and professional service to all our customers.

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We have a wide range of spectacles and specialised contact lenses on offer, so please feel free to get in touch with us via the contact section below to book your appointment today. 

Visit us:

73 Railway Street



SG14 1RP

+44 (0) 1992 551762

+44 (0) 7927300758


Available Services:

  • Eye Examinations

  • Contact and Scleral Lens Dispensing

  • Spectacle Dispensing

  • Dedicated Children's clinic

  • Retina Photography

  • Recognised Specialised Contact lens Fitter and Supplier.