Scleral Lenses

Scleral Lenses have two basic distinguishing features, these being their large size and with a bearing surface on the Sclera. However, these features should actually be recognised as providing the following positive benefits:


  • Because Scleral lenses bear on the sclera, they do not depend on precise alignment to the corneal surface. Therefore even highly irregular corneal topography can be fitted with some kind of scleral lens

  • They are almost never dislodged because they fit under the eyelids

  • They are dimensionally stable, robust and not subject to much deterioration

  • Insertion and removal is easier for clumsy patients, eg elderly aphakics who do not have an implant for some reason

  • Powers in excess of ± 40.00 D are possible

  • Lid sensation is minimal and foreign bodies under lenses are rare

  • Since the introduction of gas permeable material for scleral lenses, the fitting processes have become straightforward and predictable, so many more people can successfully use them

A scleral and a corneal lens to compare the size. "You are putting that in my eye?" is occasionally heard, but the lids slide over the surface, and the lens is mostly clear of the cornea, so they are surprisingly comfortable to wear from the outset without the need for adaptation, unlike rigid corneal lenses.